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Ping Pong For All Autism Day

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, OCTTA and Northern Cross Autism Children Foundation collaborated to host a Ping Pong for all Autism Day. The event was hosted at Joshua's Creek Arenas Mezzanine in Oakville, Ontario.

A signature community development program targets the most vulnerable local community groups in Halton Region, including older adults and seniors; minority community members and newcomers; special needs groups (Alzheimer & Autism); and disabled groups. The Program provides special events customized for each targeted group according to its unique needs with affordable and/or free services.

These special events include Free Open Day, Coach-led game and play, Training & Coaching and Research Support.

The Autism Day Event, and the Ping Pong for all Program brings the following benefit to our target group members and their families or caregivers:

• Reducing social isolation by providing a non-judgmental and friendly environment. Meanwhile, the Program offers a professionally led and controlled environment (indoor & weather/ winter-proof, safety protection available, special-needs experienced staff, etc.) that is rarely available for the targeted group members to start and maintain an active lifestyle.

• Improving the physical and mental health of both the targeted group members AND their family members and caregivers. Table Tennis sports has been used as a sports therapy vehicle to treat Alzheimer's and Autism around the world with the evidence-based result. The controlled, non-judgmental, and financially friendly program provides active social opportunities to the targeted group and reduces the burden and stress of the family members and caregivers from multiple dimensions.

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